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Pink dolphin appears off Vietnam beach, locals call ‘a good omen’

If, like me, you’re not too exposed to the wonders of marine life, you probably will never have heard of pink dolphins.

Although they do exist, they are extremely rare. Even more when it comes to video or photo documentation.

Video from Vietnam circled, showing a pink dolphin frolicking in the water off Do Son Beach in Hai Phong town.

The nearly 1.5-minute video shows a pink dolphin keeping a safe distance from the person recording the video, believed to be on a fishing boat.

The dolphin can be seen making multiple jumps in the air, piercing the surface of the water. But of course, if it was an ordinary gray dolphin, it would just be a video of a dolphin. Period.

Seeing that it is pink, the reaction to the sighting was much more exciting, with many expressing renewed hope that nature was recovering. But this is also not the first time that pink dolphins have been seen on Do Son beach, according to Vietnamese media. VnExpress.

The specimen seen in the video is believed to be an Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, which is commonly found in the eastern Indian and western Pacific oceans.

According to BBC, some dolphin species change color as they progress through different stages of growth and maturity.

A Chinese white dolphin. PICTURE: Ken Fung / BBC

It’s not such a bright pink to begin with: experts describe it as a “slight tint” of pink.

Among Chinese white dolphins, for example, the newborns are black. As they age, their skin color turns pink and then eventually turns white once they reach full maturity.

An Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin. PICTURE: Ecotourism expert

The dolphin seen in Vietnam could very well be at this intermediate stage of development, but there’s no way to tell unless you get up close and personal.

According to a local fisherman at Do Son beach, the appearance of pink dolphins causes good harvests, much like a symbol of good luck or auspiciousness. In this case, seeing the pink dolphins leads fishermen to believe that they will have a good harvest season for shrimp and fish.

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Cover image from Ken Fung / BBC, used for illustration purposes only.

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