Why should the rich have fun? This luxury resort in Vietnam takes guests to the uncharted depths of southern China in a glass-encased submarine for just $45.

The South China Sea is home to 37% of reef fish species and 76% of coral species. Its rich marine life includes giant oysters, sharks, eels, endangered sea turtles, and a variety of seabirds such as crested terns and ridged shearwaters. How would you experience these wonders sitting in a hotel room? Realizing this, a resort in Vietnam has taken the guest experience several notches above into the diametric opposite – underwater! Vinpearl resort on Hon Tre Island, have a chance to explore the fascinating marine world with a trip on a 24-person air-conditioned submarine. DeepView 24 can go up to 328 feet deep, offering unobstructed views of the incredible aquatic world through huge 5.5-inch-thick acrylic picture windows.

It is fitted with electric propulsion and steering, two 20 kW (27 hp) main thrusters, four 12.6 kW (17 hp) Vertran thrusters and can reach a top speed of 3 knots. Guests nestle comfortably in a 50.5-foot-long submarine with plenty of room to stand up in excitement. DeepView 24 offers 14 hours of underwater tourism on a full battery and is equipped with ten 20,000 lumen LEDs that light up at night to unravel underwater puzzles. DeepView subs are made by Triton, a Florida-based company that builds record-breaking subs for our world’s billionaires. They are credited with creating futuristic-looking personal submarines that can dive to a staggering depth of 13,123 feet, such as the 13000/2 TE or the incredible 660 AVA submarine that doubles as a high rollers club, an underwater restaurant, or even a cocktail bar.

The more commercial DeepView 24 variant, renamed Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang, takes an unforgettable 30-minute journey past wrecks, reefs and marine life. According Daily Mail, Vinpearl said: “Triton has a proven reputation for building submarines that can repeatedly and safely visit even the deepest points of our oceans. We knew their significant experience would keep our oceans, the submarine and, therefore, our guests safe. Their team has been committed to working with Vinpearl on this project from the start, and we hope our guests will enjoy the experience we share with them.

Tickets for the Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang can be purchased online, at the Vinpearl ticket office or through a travel agency. They are priced at $60 for adults and $40 for children. Vinpearl’s official website describes the experience as follows: “As the first and only tourist submarine in Vietnam, with its uniquely designed hull made of 100% transparent acrylic, Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang offers visitors a unique experience of ‘infinity and vision and being fully immersed in the deep and magical space of the ocean.’

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